October 17, 2021

“Guy’s gravely dulcet tones rose to the occasion, truly bringing Edwin’s gritty characteristics to life”

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“I had an absolute blast working with Guy on Age of Darkness: Final Stand.  Edwin was the first major hero character to be released, and fast became the ‘face’ and identity of AoD for all launch & announcement content…and Guy’s gravely dulcet tones rose to the occasion, truly bringing Edwin’s gritty characteristics to life in a detailed, believable way.  His performance and embodiment of Edwin’s character traits was on point, and he was quick to adapt to feedback and direction on the fly.  I am definitely looking forward to working with him again!” – Chris O’Neill, Audio Lead, Playside Studios Limited.

Age of Darkness; Final Stand, (early access release Oct 2021)

This RTS Survival game is a real break away from Playside’s normal game type and first foray into this style of gaming,. joining forces with the incredibly successful Team17 studios, Guy plays the main hero in the campaign “Edwin” who is a warrior of light and wields a flaming sword, as seen on all the of the advertisements.

Playing Edwin was a great experience, not only because I had a nasty chest infection at the time of recording which brought out some interesting depth to the character, but because it was great working with the Playside team and Kevin from Tavern of Voices

Guy Cunningham

Even though the game is only in early access, it is getting some great reviews and really hitting the stage with a large impact.

Age of Darkness inspires a proactive style of play I found really refreshing

Lincoln Carpenter, PCGamer


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