October 10, 2021

“He has an extensive vocal range, and great creative insight to the needs of every project” – Daniel Armstrong

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I’ve worked with Guy as a voice over artist on numerous projects for many years, including branded content, corporate videos, and feature films. He has an extensive vocal range, and great creative insight to the needs of every project. He is always professional and adds value to every project.

Daniel Armstrong
Strongman Pictures Entertainment

Murderdrome, Stop motion and Nova Star – Released in 2012 and 2021 respectively

Whilst being introduced to Daniel during the shoot of Murderdrome, the cult classic horror roller derby film of 2012, I had been working with Victorian roller derby for a few years by that stage. We had kept in contact over the years and when different voicing opportunities arose within the Strongman Pictures sphere, we collaborated again. When Daniel contacted me during the 2020 lock-down to ask if I could voice some of his characters for his stop motion film, Attack of the bikini girl from outer space, as a Halloween cheer up to people who were feeling down, I jumped at the opportunity. After the release of that short stop motion piece, Daniel contacted me again with the script for 5 different characters for his long awaited schlock sci-fi film “Nova Star” in which I played several ships computer voices and the voice of a smart talking Ronald Ray Gun. It has developed into a great working relationship and since studying film, I look to be working with Daniel as a 1st AD on his next feature film also.

Commercial work – AEG Powertools

Below is the advertisement I voiced for AEG and the pruning saw, Daniel’s day to day work involves creating content for several power tool companies and contacted me to help out with this specific project. My wife was specifically happy with the concept and requested that we be paid in power tools, much to her dismay, it was not the case.


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