He was such a quiet boy, were words never uttered in reference to me. I was always talking, making weird noises with my mouth, telling stories or just plain annoying people.

Born and raised in Australia to Canadian and English parents I was the youngest of 4. My siblings used to call me the “Golden Child” which was fine, until my mother started using the term as well. I had a silver tongue from the time I was about 5 years old and learned that I really loved telling stories and making up voices. The problem with being really good at speaking is that it took me a long while to learn how to listen, and when I did, I split my life into two parts, listening and speaking. One part of my life was as a carer and counselor for disabled people and young people and the other was a commentator for sports, radio host, television host and content creator. It was through this dynamic sharing of listening and talking that I learned a lot about people, stories and about the world. I was always fascinated by everything, by people, culture, religion, society and the universe and even more so when I realised that we are not just casual bystanders but in fact contributors to it. I want to make the world brighter than when I entered it, by bringing my imagination and heart to the table and creating a new generation of stories for tomorrow, the time has come to grow again as a species and to do that we need to share.