Roller Derby World Cup 2018

Hours and date:
Old Trafford Stadium

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Chosen to commentate for Australia after announcing for the #1 team in the world VRDL, I was honoured to announce over 13 games over the course of 4 days. Involving 38 different countries and broadcast to over half of the world, this event was definitely the highlight of my Roller Derby Announcing Career, after 10 years of highlights, I had reached the pinnacle of announcing in the sport. I was incredibly honoured just to be there, but due to my great calling, I was chosen to announce the Semi and Grand Final of the tournament between United States and Australia live in front of the entire stadium. The crowd was electric and I have never seen such an amazing game of Roller Derby. Over the course of the weekend I was lucky to commentate for: Iceland, Czech Republic, Russia, Aotearoa, World Indigenous Nations, Spain, The Philipines, Ireland, Canada and others. Some games I was calling in house, others on the live broadcast. Below are some of the recorded broadcast games I called. I made some amazing friends amongst the other commentators and had the opportunity to use my skills to represent my country, nothing was able to take the shine off my spirit for weeks.