“Ticker” Released with Warframe: Fortuna update

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Ticker was perhaps one of the first realistic transgender characters in the games industry, not only because she has an amazing story which enriches her personality, but she wasn't just her gender. Ticker is a strong hearted queen of redemption and it was an absolute honour to voice her. I have received so many heartfelt thanks from the trans community and community at large just for giving her a voice. This is the character that gives the gender non-binary community someone to identify with that isn't a two dimensional arch-type. She, herself saves souls from being repossessed by the corporation and runs an underground charity under the guise of a 2nd hand goods store.

Her release in November 2018 really changed the direction of my voice acting and propelled me into the direction of making video games, a move that I was extremely lucky to be a part of and will never look back from.